Tribute to Moms with an Ebook Countdown Sale


In memory of Mom

May 27, 2015, would have been my mother’s 100th birthday. She was born in Russia and came to the US during the Great Depression.   I remember her stories about learning English, going to college to study microbiology and serving in the US Navy WAVES. She had a good friend in the Navy, a physical therapist who loved her job, and mom was always impressed with her passion for the profession. I was strongly encouraged to consider a career in physical therapy. I am so glad I did!

Mothers are special and to acknowledge them all I am doing an eBook countdown discount promotion (from 80% -30 %) this week, May 27- June 3, for Reviving your Sex Life after Childbirth, your guide to pain-free and pleasurable sex after the baby.

I believe it is of critical importance that once and for all the pelvic floor musculoskeletal issues of the post-partum woman are acknowledged and treated. This book provides the first steps for real solutions from over 25 years of practice.

Please share this with the mothers you know.

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Kathe Wallace

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Kathe Wallace has practiced physical therapy since 1976, focusing on pelvic floor rehabilitation since 1988. As a nationally recognized leader in the pelvic floor specialty of physical therapy, she evaluates and treats many types of conditions referred to her by medical specialists in orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology and colorectal surgery. Full Bio.. →