Professional Teaching

Kathe is a pioneer practitioner and teacher in the field of pelvic floor rehabilitation.   She has been teaching pelvic floor continuing education courses since 1990. She volunteered  in the early 1990’s to help the APTA Section On Women’s Health (SOWH) establish  pelvic floor continuing education seminars and instructed pelvic floor function, dysfunction and treatment seminars for the SOWH through 2005.   In 2006, She co-founded the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute where she worked side by side with Holly Herman to develop the pelvic floor series. Since 2011, she independently continues to develop pelvic floor related seminars  and resources for health care providers.

She has authored articles in Clinics in Sports Medicine: The Athletic WomanPrimary Care of Women, and Therapeutic Management of Incontinence  Pelvic Pain. She has also contributed to the  American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Section on Women's Health by writing several chapters for the Gynecological Manual.

Kathe has been invited to present on pelvic floor rehab topics  at the professional national meetings of the American Urogynecology Society (AUGS), American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPMR), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), The Society for Urological Nurses and the APTA Combined Sections Meetings.

Pelvic Floor Professional Education

Start your pelvic floor practice with one of my private courses.  I originally developed these entry level courses in the 1990’s.  They are now revised and updated with 2016 references.

For questions on  information and customized, private training opportunities please contact me.