Vaginal Dilator Techniques: Patient Handouts




An Educational Handout for Patients and Practitioners

This product was developed for health care practitioners who use vaginal dilators to treat pelvic pain conditions including post radiation adhesion and scaring, or painful vaginal penetration from pelvic pain conditions, postpartum recovery or surgical conditions. It includes downloadable customizable word documents that supplement your office instructions for placement, spacing and stretching techniques. It provides essential patient education instructions and clear graphics for using vaginal dilators.  Just add your logo (in the header and/or footer) and you are ready to provide written directions for techniques you instruct in the clinic. The cost is less than an hour of your professional time!

This is a must have patient education tool for practitioners who treat surgical or pelvic pain conditions with vaginal dilators.

The handout describe the types and purpose of the dilators, precautions for safe use, and specific techniques. The product also contains over twenty clinical comments and tips addressing your patient's frequently asked questions about vaginal dilators.  Every handout includes a space for customizable instructions, such as use or dosage, and your individualized comments.   A pelvic floor map serves as an interactive anatomy chart for specific pelvic floor muscle stretching goals. 

Vaginal Dilator Techniques includes these 15 specific Handouts:

  • Doc 01 Terms of Use and Table of Contents
  • Doc 02 Types of Vaginal Dilators
  • Doc 03 Techniques and Safety Tips For Dilator Use
  • Doc 04 Common Comments and Tips for Practitioners
  • Doc 05 Pelvic Floor Deep Layer Muscle Map
  • Doc 06 Initial Insertion Technique
  • Doc 07 Rotational Insertion Technique
  • Doc 08 Dilator Sweep Technique
  • Doc 09 Using a Vaginal Dilator for Downward Stretching
  • Doc 10 Using a Vaginal Dilator for Side Wall Stretching
  • Doc 11 Using a Vaginal Dilator for Angled Stretching
  • Doc 12 Using a Vaginal Dilator for In and Out Stretching
  • Doc 13 Using a Vaginal Dilator with Rotational Stretching
  • Doc 14 Vaginal Dilator Review of All Techniques
  • Doc 15 Vaginal Dilator References and Resources

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