Kathe Wallace Physical Therapy

Welcome to my website for physical therapy, pelvic rehabilitation and resources.  It is my hope that this website will offer each visitor an idea, an educational resource, and/or the opportunity to
contact me for an appointment so that you can improve your function.

Physical Therapy for Patients

My mission is to provide specialized physical therapy evaluation and one-on-one treatment in a practical and compassionate manner so that you can meet your rehabilitation goals. I focus on reducing or eliminating pain, improving overall function and teaching you self-care strategies.  I want to help you with your treatment goals and strive to assist you in achieving the best physical and concurrent emotional well-being.

Although my specialty focuses on the pelvis and pelvic floor rehabilitation, I utilize a whole body, holistic approach to evaluation and treatment. My practice is devoted to treating conditions that affect both women and men that have significant urogenital, colorectal and pelvic musculoskeletal problems that can improve with physical therapy.

Resources: Educational Material and  Teaching

Kathe offers resources for professionals in the treatment of pelvic floor rehabilitation. Follow my resources link and join my email list receive a free educational handout sample and information about upcoming resources developed to support a pelvic floor practice.

Since 1990, Kathe has been involved in the national and  international training of professionals interested in evaluation and treatment of the lumbopelvic girdle and pelvic floor muscle problems. Also, she is passionate about offering private training for professionals.