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Kathe Wallace ~ Physical Therapist

International and national speaker, consultant, trainer, author and instructor in all aspects of pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Pioneer in the field of pelvic health and rehabilitation with over 40 years clinical experience.


Kathe teaches pelvic health worldwide, fostering professional development for clinicians and education/awareness for the public. Ever popular, her in-person continuing education courses now are complemented by online options that allow practitioners to refine their skills through a virtual platform.


Kathe pioneered pelvic health physical therapy evaluation and treatment in Seattle, WA. A practicing pelvic floor physical therapist for over 40 years, Kathe continues to her share her expertise by providing clinical pearls and insights through her complimentary resources and blog posts.


Throughout an illustrious career, Kathe has contributed chapters to professional books, articles in medical journals and patient education materials for practitioners and the general public. In 2014, she published her own book Reviving Your Sex Life After Childbirth, and continues to publish educational articles, study modules and eBooks.

Online Courses for Professionals

Cutting Edge Content, Accessible Platform, Kathe's Renowned Teaching Techniques

Practicing pelvic health practitioners worldwide are building their skills and earning CE credits with Kathe's unique and comprehensive online courses

Kathe, has proven herself a woman of rare insight, able to put across Pelvic Floor Dysfunction information in a captivating way. I learned not only a very solid foundation for Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Rehabilitation, but also became comfortable with the clinical experience in a personal, cheerful, and supportive environment. Kathe customized her approach for our varied level of experience as clinicians. Her knowledge base is exceptionally broad and evidence-based.

Nancy J. Balash

Kathe delivers some serious knowledge bombs in her Boost Camp! Having worked many years as a Pelvic PT and treating women with prolapse, I was amazed at how much Kathe could still teach me. Her understanding of anatomy is exquisite. This class should not be missed by anyone treating pelvic conditions.

Shannon Forrestall

I was surprised by how much knowledge I gained from Kathe’s Pelvic Floor Support Systems online course, even after working as a pelvic PT for 9+ years. All of the information is something that pelvic floor physical therapists should know and be documenting, but has never been taught before! I have a whole new understanding of the fascial tissue, POP and techniques I can apply to my pelvic pain patients.

Kristin Anderson

Kathe is cutting edge and progressive. Best course I have ever taken. Wonderful information delivered with amazing energy.

Allison Feldt

Kathe’s work in teaching has changed thousands of lives. She was one of the physical therapists that literally gave birth to pelvic health physical therapy in the United States.

Elizabeth Hampton

A Book for Everyone

Information every post-partum woman (from 6 weeks to 60+ years) needs to know about common birth-related changes in the pelvic floor.

Talli Y. Rosenbaum

Giving birth is a monumental event which affects a woman’s identity, self-image, partner relations and consequently, her sexual life. While mood, fatigue, body image and other emotional factors play a significant role in sexuality, physical factors related to childbirth can affect sexual enjoyment and function. With a focus on addressing the physical effects of pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as the role of the pelvic floor, this book empowers women and their partners by providing clear and precise information, illustrations, behavioral advice and exercises. I look forward to recommending this book to my clients.

Talli Y. Rosenbaum
MSc., PT AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
Penny Simkin

At long last! A thin volume that addresses the unspoken subjects of pelvic floor pain and weakness and problems with sexuality after childbirth. “Reviving Your Sex Life after Childbirth” demystifies common birth-related changes in the vagina and pelvic floor that are still misunderstood and rarely talked about. Kathe Wallace mixes plain language, excellent illustrations, clinical terms, and practical suggestions with empathy and optimism to transform the discomfort and shame over these symptoms to a hopeful journey of healing and sexual pleasure.

This book will be a great benefit to childbearing women and those who provide care for them.

Penny Simkin
PT, childbirth educator, doula, writer

Latest from Kathe

A selection of blog posts, recent publications and complimentary offerings.

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