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    Thanks for this! I will be taking my first visceral manipulation course in a few weeks and hope to add some new information and strategies to what I already do for this patient population in my practice.

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    Kavita Chokshi

    I have recently developed my skills as a women's health physiotherapist, keen to read your educational handouts. Would you please share them with me?
    Many thanks,

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    Annette Sison-Estrada, PT

    Ms Kathe,

    I love this recent published article that you did. It demonstrates so much your passion to help educate and empower women to get proactive during their prenatal and post partum stages in our life.
    Moreoever, it proves here how much you want to arm healthcare professionals with the knowledge of how to properly screen these patient population to avoid being misdiagnosed particularly overlooked. This will educate everyone, patients and all primary healthcare providers and to break those myths that all these back pain PGP, UI, FI are all normal and expected as part of pregnancy.

    BTW, what are these sets of questionnaire that PCP, Ob-Gyne, Doulas, PT etc. can use for medical screening? Are these the same as some of our Functional Outcome measure questionnaires we used in Pelvic PT?

    Thank you so much for your passion to educate and empower us!


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    Kathy E. Golic

    So very much looking forward to this class that i think all Pelvic Floor PT's should attend!

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    Paula Gorelick

    I just read this! Funny that I was talking with team members about Covey’s book today. Thanks, Kathe! Seeing Serena next week.
    Paula g

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    This was a fantastic, well put-together course. Kathe is an effective communicator of the material and fun to learn with!

    Of course, Hawaii was a blast too!


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    Thank you so much! I enjoyed your talk in the 2019 Birth Healing Summit. You were one of the instructors in my 1st pelvic floor cont ed class through Prometheus!

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    I am so grateful for all the pioneering work and education you've done. I took my first pelvic floor course with you in 2004 (PF1) and am still going strong. Thank you so much for presenting and sharing all this wonderful information with us.

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    Thank you Kathe for such an engaging interview at the 2019 Birth Healing Summit - you have definitely spurred my interest to continue advancing my knowledge of anatomy and functional prolapse examination. If I lived in the US I'd love to come to your course; if you ever fly out to Australia though I'll be there!!! And thank you for your very generous gift, so valuable and truly appreciated!