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Abdominal Scar Massage


What amount of scar massage is effective for abdominal scars?

Following a client’s abdominal surgery, a physical therapist may administer scar massage, or teach a client to perform scar massage. Currently, there are no protocols backed by literature for the correct amount of scar massage to apply specifically to an abdominal scar. However, there are parameters from a handful of studies that may serve as guidelines for determining the dosage of scar massage. The amount of scar massage that was found effective in these studies ranged from 10 to 15 minutes, and it was administered daily to three times per day. Three of the five articles involved the use of silicone gel, something I do not use in my clinical practice.

A critical component of dosing scar massage is to remember that every person with an abdominal scar has a different physiology and structure to her or his scar depending on the type of surgery performed. (Cesarean section, panniculectomy, exploratory, etc.). Clients should be reminded not to induce significant pain or burning during scar massage. Scar massage should not begin until the doctors post-surgical protocols allows. Generally, this is six weeks after the surgery.

During scar massage it is important to keep scar anatomy in mind. Some scars will only be in the most superficial layer of the skin. However, abdominal scars usually reach into deeper layers of our body. In fact, some scars may adhere to the organs and bowels[1]. These deep layers can be reached by working the more superficial layers of the scar first, and progressing deeper with massage pressure only if there is not significant pain or irritation[2]. Scar massage does not need to be too aggressive or last greater than 10-15 minutes.

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